kansas city art institute album
A collection of photographs donated by various classmates who attended the Institute at the end of the '50s and the beginning of the '60s. Any additions are welcomed - just e-mail me or send any photos you may have by mail.
2003 - Gerry Niewald, Deanne and Byron McKeown, Wilbur Niewald
Sculpture by Julius Schmidt
2003 - Byron and Deanne McKeown, Bill Greer, Larry Mokofsky, Barbara and Bill Hesterberg
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Bill, Jenna & Barbara Hesterberg
Ron Katz & Joanna Jennings
Joanna Jennings
Mike & Dana Eakin
Bob Strobridge, at home in France
Byron & Deanne McKeown, Larry Mokofsky
Jeanette Robertson - this is obviously not a new photo, but was just sent to me recently.
Alumni Auction - Deanne & Byron McKeown, Wilbur & Gerry Niewald, Larry Mokofsky
Alumni Auction and Byron McKeown's 65th Birthday Reception - Ernie Smith, Deanne McKeown, Cliff Cutler, Byron McKeown, Bill Greer, Janet & Forest Hanna, Denis Shaver, Larry Mokofsky
The Dodge Painting
   This new building was opened and dedicated earlier this year.
   We were in Kansas City in June to attend the annual Alumni Auction, which raised $500,000 for student scholarships.

Left: Joanna Jennings and Sylvia (Thompson) Hamilton, taken in May 2007 while Joanna was
visiting Sylvia at her home in Maui, Hawaii.     Right: Al 'Storie' Mooser at his cabin in Oregon.
Larry Mokofsky, Deanne & Byron McKeown,
The pictures below show the new contemporary additon to the Nelson Atkins Museum. The walls are translucent and lend the interior a bright airy feeling. The 'people' pictures were taken in the gallery's tea room.
Views of the Country Club Plaza and Brush Creek
Bill Greer and friend, Robin, 2007
Joanna Jennings, 2009
Deanne & Byron McKeown, 2008
special projects awards
left to right - Loreta Kreiger, Conchita Reyes, Dick Monson (mostly hidden) Keith Richardson, Joanna Jennings, Byron McKeown, Bill Hesterburg, Larry Windrum (hidden)
Max Penner, Deanne McKeown
Wilbur and Gerry Niewald
Barbara Hesterberg, Byron McKeown
125th Anniversary Birthday Cake
Joanna Jennings, Max Penner, Bill Hesterberg
Conchita Reyes and son, Larry Windrum
Bill and Barbara Hesterberg and Byron McKeown in the background.
A few beautifully written words  we received in a recent e-mail from Al 'Storie' Mooser. They portray what is no doubt a memory all of us hold in common from our days at KCAI.

"Today I heard over the radio a few bars of Hugo Winterhaulter's rendition of Canadian Sunset, and since then I've not been able to get out of my mind flashbacks of the autumn of 1956. That tune is synonymous with being in Roy Rays restaurant (on Main) that autumn because it was constantly being played on the juke box there. At the time it seemed thematic too, to how I so often experienced the western sky back dropping the horizon beyond Roy Rays; ablaze with yellows and reds at evening time -- the time of day when we'd most often be headed that way after school hours, making our way from Walnut Street to traverse the Wishbone Restaurant's asphalt parking lot, descend the stone stairs to then cross Main to Roy Rays.
I'm reluctant to admit that those remain the happiest days of my life, but they are. I accept due to the unbounded optimism that only occurs at the age we were at the time; but too, due to a national naivete' that existed at that time.

Joanna Jennings and
Bob Russell's family.
right to left:
son, Hans; Joanna;
grandson, Bradley;
grandson, Brandon;
son, Hans

Tara Mooser, Al Mooser's daughter
Sheila Johnson, 2013
Joanna Jennings, Christmas 2015
Byron and Deanne McKeown, 2015